The workout that works

Kettlebells Ashbourne; fitness; meath; Training; Gym; Health; NutritionThere are, give or take, gazillions of workout theories out there and, depending who you talk to, one is infinitely better than the next.

While trends, fads and promotions go a long way towards steering the workout de jour, there is one workout that gets great results for all people, all of the time. The total body workout.

The total body workout ticks all of the boxes for smart training, getting the most out of the time and energy you put into your training.

  • It hits all major movement patterns multiple times per week.
    These movements include squat, hinge, push, pull, rotate, carry and some form of single leg work.
  • More time efficient.
    Most people don’t have hours upon hours to train so making the most of the time we have is very important. Total body workouts will give you the best possible workout in minimum time.
  • Quicker recovery.
    Not hitting specific muscle groups means you will be ready to go for your next session quicker. If you’re constantly sore from the previous workout the next day’s session will always be poor.
  • Less likely to develop overuse injuries or muscle imbalances.
    This is more relevant in building up or over-developing specific muscles noticeably more than others.
  • More metabolic than hitting specific areas.
    You’ll burn more calories when completing total body sessions.

Our total body workouts go hand in hand with functional movements using everyday movements like lifting, squatting, carrying, pushing and dragging to strengthen you body to keep injuries at bay.

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